OPP BTB Board of Directors​

Jacqueline Sbeyti

President, OPPBTB

Jacqueline Sbeyti, our OPPBTB President, is an ABA Worker in Moosonee and understands how imperative positive relationships are, as well as peer support, in order for families to thrive. 

She is passionate about creating sustainable change around mental health and well-being within policing families. 

The relationships built within the ‘blue-line family’ are unique because there is an underlying layer of context, and that’s exactly why Jacqueline felt this calling within her to start up our chapter. 

She takes extreme pride in where she comes from and that gives her an incredible ability to not only relate to others, but give them a sense of security. We are proud and thankful to have her heading up OPP Beyong The Blue.

Melissa Heikamp

Vice President of Central Region, OPPBTB

Melissa is a high school English teacher, and has been part of the policing family since her husband joined the Ontario Provincial Police in 2007.


As a mother of two, Melissa is aware of the challenges that police families often face, and is dedicated to helping provide the tools, resources and support needed to help O.P.P. families thrive.

Sarah Routhier

Vice President of East Region, OPPBTB

Sarah brings her valued lived experience as an OPP Widow of the late Sylvain Routhier and her passion to advocate for our families.

Sarah is making a difference and hopes that other families do not need to experience the same tragedy she has been through. It is important to her to try to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health issues before it is too late. She is also passionate about helping police families find the resources and support needed in order to help their loved ones through their policing careers. 


Sarah will oversee the operations of our Eastern group of directors and volunteers and assist in streamlining our resources and supports to members who need them. Sarah is the founder of the Sylvain Routhier Foundation. 

Mary-Anne Bilodeau

Vice President of West Region, OPPBTB

Mary Anne brings a wealth of knowledge and lived experience. In 2017 her husband of 10 years, OPP Detective Constable Stephane Bilodeau died by suicide after a silent battle with mental illness. 


In her new role, Mary-Anne hopes to connect with OPP families who are looking for support, trusted resources, and a community of support.


"The importance of our officer's mental health and the mental health of their families needs to be a priority and the BTB chapters are opening the doors on the difficult discussions surrounding mental health." Mary-Anne, with her heart on her sleeve, pledges to be a lifeline for members and families who need it. 

Mandie-Leigh Warriner

Director of Operations, OPPBTB

Mandie-Leigh Warriner, a proud wife and mother of one, is passionate about changing the stigma surrounding mental health.


With many family members, past and present, who serve our communities on the front lines, she sees the mass importance of sharing with peers and being a part of a community where we can all feel supported and safe. 


Through her dedication to the cause, she hopes to aid in Mental Health education in general, while bringing officers and families together. In sharing our stories of tragedy and triumph, we can find that sense of community and know, with certainty, that we are all in this together.


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