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Benefits of Joining OPP Beyond the Blue

We know that policing brings its own challenges - but no one told us that being a family member of a police officer could result in unique circumstances that few have experience navigating.


Being part of BTB will mean different things to everyone, but underneath it all it's a community of people who share this 'blue-line' life, know what you're going through, and are here to support you. 

Some things you can expect from OPP BTB are:​

  • Access to resources, tools, and training

  • Improved social community and connections 

  • Gained sense of empowerment 

  • Improved coping skills 

  • Access to private events & workshops

  • Access to peer support

You can become a member of OPP Beyond the Blue in one 2 simple steps:


Read the BTB Code of Conduct, and fill out the form below.

Please note that this information is kept secure.

Last Step- Let's get you vetted!
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