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Menu planning tips

Mandie, our Director of Operations, is a kitchen ninja! 

She created a list of her Top 10 Menu Planning Tips, because we all know that a little planning and organization goes a long way in reducing the stress we can often feel when it comes to appeasing everyone's tastebuds.

With mental wellness in mind, and adjusting to COVID-19 living, we know you'll find a few helpful hints. 

Click below to download tips and tricks:

meal plan

What's for dinner? 

Can I have a snack? 

I'm starving....

These are all things we've thought about or have been asked, even before COVID-19 made us adapt to a new way of living. 

The OPP BTB team has come up with a sample meal plan (download below) to show you how you can really use everything in your fridge, so you don't have to keep running to the store when we're all doing our best to stay home & stay healthy. 

Take a load off your mind, and rest assured that we're here for you! 

Happy planning! 

TOP 10

Crock-Pot recipes

Staying safe-at-home doesn't always mean we have lots of time to cook and tidy up a busy kitchen. Many of us are working from home while balancing more roles than we're used to.

Crock-pot recipes are great for any time of the year, and an amazing way to set the day up for success - that whole 'set it and forget it' feature is a win-win! 

Mandie (Kitchen Ninja) brought us 10 of her most famous, crowd-pleasing recipes. They're all yours, with the click of a button: 

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